Polymeric slot waveguide interferometer for sensor applications

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Jan 31, 2019 ... specific requirements of applications in medicine, food analysis, and ... sensor; silicon photonics; ring resonators; lab-on-a-chip. 1. ... The former one is usually based on a Mach-Zehnder interferometer [13] .... more common strip or slot waveguide-based ring resonators, as it is summarized in Table 1.

Karioja, P. Polymeric slot waveguide interferometer for sensor application. Optics Express 2014. Vol. 22, pp. 7229–7237. Other publications of the author related to this work, but not included in the thesis: ... Polymeric slot waveguide interferometers: Dissertation — VTT's Research Information Portal The emphasis was to demonstrate that the high performance slot waveguide sensor configuration is attainable with a simple low-cost fabrication method, enabling usage as disposable sensors. The bulk refractive index (RI) response of the slot waveguide-based ... Direct patterning of polymer optical periodic nanostructures on CYTOP for visible light waveguiding - ScienceDirect Potential applications of polymer platforms on CYTOP focus currently on hybrid photonic microfluidic devices with optical resonances to analyze water samples []. ... An integrated optical interferometric nanodevice based on silicon technology for biosensor applications - IOPscience Integrated optical sensors have become important in recent years since they are the only technology which allows the direct detection of biomolecular interactions. Moreover, silicon microelectronics technology allows mass production as well as the fabrication of nano-/macrosystems on the same

Multifunctional waveguide interferometer sensor

Modeling of Slot Waveguide Sensors Based on Polymeric Modeling of Slot Waveguide Sensors Based on Polymeric Materials. Finally, applications of low index slot waveguides as substitute of bulky fiber capillary sensors or in ring resonator architectures are addressed. Theoretical results of this work are relevant to well established polymer technologies. Modeling of Slot Waveguide Sensors Based on Polymeric

Polymeric slot waveguide interferometer for sensor ...

An Integrated Young Interferometer Based on UV …

A slot-waveguide is an optical waveguide that guides strongly confined light in a subwavelength-scale low refractive index region by total internal reflection.. A slot-waveguide consists of two strips or slabs of high-refractive-index (n H) materials separated by a subwavelength-scale low-refractive-index (n S) slot region and surrounded by low-refractive-index (n C) cladding materials.

PDF | A refractive index sensor based on slot waveguide Young interferometer was developed in this work. The interferometer was fabricated on a polymer platform and operates at a visible Polymeric slot waveguide interferometer for sensor